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It’s blood.  NYC artist, Jordan Eagles, works solely with gallons upon gallons of blood obtained from a slaughterhouse.  By manipulating the blood through heating, burning, aging, mixing with copper, adding foreign materials, and then encasing it in plexiglass and UV resin, Jordan is able to capture an array of organic designs.  His large pieces are uncomfortably beautiful, especially when lit, the blood seems to glow against the clean white walls of a gallery.

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There's a chest! It's got treasure in there possibly. IT'S GOT A POEM IN THERE, BRILLIANT! THE GREATEST OF TREASURE; A FUCKING POEM, are you kidding me? Come on, don't I get like a wand, or a staff, or like a pretty dress?
They've given you the gift of literature, Simon.
Well I hope they kept the fucking receipt.

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