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Seattle round up

Here is the “apt wanted” craigslist ad.


Any Signal boost, or what have you would be most heartily appreciated. *hugs everyone*

Moving is serious business. *packs her suits*

Here is my news about Seattle that I posted earlier.

I’ve found a by the week rental place that takes cash. I am still hoping to find roommate(s) and/or a studio apt or a room to rent so I can find a job and do all that. Here is my post I posted earlier and I really appreciate all the signal boosts and caring words. I love all of you. Some, in very naughty ways.. like.. i would get a whole large pizza for just us two. (so naughty, so many cheeses, or vegan cheeses for some) *hugs everyone*

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I know it’s a longshot.

But if anyone knows a trustworthy person in Seattle I could stay with for a few days or week or is looking for a roommate, Please let me know. It seems that a month early on my roommate moving out and I need to move rather quickly. I’m late twenties, nerd, quiet, female, drug free, drink couple times a year maybe, lover of books, the internet, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and am pretty handy in the kitchen. If anyone has two rooms, that would be even better, but for starters, I need to get to Seattle and begin job hunting and plasma donations. Job hunting to make money and donations to cover costs until that happens. I’ve a good chunk of money saved but without a job in town and a long distance move, people are hesitant to accept a roommate like that. Just throwing this out here in case someone knows someone or such and so forth.  Could be as early as a week, or as late as two, but it’s happening soon. Also, I realize this is tumblr, but skype interviews will be an available option. Thanks for reading. Lots of hugs. -Amanda

PS:I love you.

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